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August 2014

Mixed Media

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I’ve recently completed a series of small mixed media pieces for Carre d’artistes in the Hague (see Gallery 3). I’ve used photocopied versions of reference photos taken when I’m out drawing. Working on half painted surfaces, I marry up and juxtapose, using various drawing and painting materials to pull a composition together. I like the element of surprise and possibility with this process as I’m never happy knowing exactly how something will turn out

New Studio

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Thanks to my partner Lynn persuading me to do a detour on our way to the Royal Dockyard and our friend Louise, I’ve just acquired a studio after months of working at the back of my house. It’s been fine, but the urge to throw, flick and splash paint around is moderated by the fact I’m working at the end of the kitchen and into a new conservatory. The studio’s on the first floor of what first appears to be a drab 1960s building, but is in fact a 200 year old former flour mill in Waverley Road, Southsea, just off Albert Road. It’s perfect. The space is enormous and could easily accommodate another three artists, but I’ve decided to be a greedy sod, at least ’til the money runs out. It has a sink, a clean loo, as well as a store room and I move in on August 18th.